Driving careers with Koleaseco …


At Koleaseco we strive to maintain respect of our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our community. We share a common bond to create a working environment that is personally satisfying and rewarding.



West Coast Fleet
• Recruiting states: Michigan; northern Indiana; Ohio; I-80 corridor from Michigan to California; I-40 corridor from Michigan to California; Washington, and Oregon.


Highway Drivers:
• Primary lane - west coast, with some loads to the southeast, southwest and west.
• Recruiting states: Michigan, Ohio, California, Washington, and Texas.

Slip-seat Drivers:
• No assigned tractor; slip-seat only.
• Meet other teams with outbound loads in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri.
• Trips to Florida, Texas, and west; fill in for drivers on vacations or leave of absence.
• Domicile: Hudsonville, Michigan.
• Recruiting States: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, plus the entire I-40 corridor.

Swing Drivers:
• Drivers who live in the same city and run part of a trip leg as a single on a per-week basis.
• Trips originate from Michigan with a destination to the west coast and return.
• Domiciles: Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY; Oklahoma City, OK.

Casual / Part-time
• Drivers who work on an on-call basis.
• Domicile: Hudsonville, Michigan.
• Recruiting state: western Michigan.

• Part-time and full-time.
• Opportunities for "retired" drivers.
• Domicile: Hudsonville, Michigan.
• Recruiting State: western Michigan.